One of the key objectives of our welfare and publicity committee is to seek partnerships that are beneficial to not only SRA subscription paying members but also the less fortunate within our community. Recently SRA has entered into such a partnership with AAR Healthcare whose aim is to reach teenage school-going girls with high-quality sanitary towels for free. AAR Healthcare uses  Recycled paper which they turn in to high-quality sanitary towels.

20 girls from the neediest families in Kicheko settlement have already benefited. Distributed freely to our very vulnerable Girls and women mostly from Kicheko Settlement and also from around our neighbourhood. In this partnership, SRA is to rally our membership to provide the waste paper that we usually throw away. Old newspapers and any biodegradable paper are great for this use. The papers are turned in to a pulp, other additives are added to produce high-quality sanitary towels through a process which guarantees all necessary health considerations.

Any resident who has old newspapers in their homes or offices now has the opportunity to be this very noble course. The resident can deliver them to the SRA office or simply send a message to 0732634990 and SRA will call you back and make arrangements to collect . 
SRA Achieving more together.