Rising against high-rises

Rising against high-rises

Multi dwelling high-rise buildings which some developers are salivating to construct in the midst of already established townhouse designed homes in Syokimau have emerged as unpopular projects within the 3,500 acre estate.

Through the Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) serving a steadily increasing number of tenacious families – currently standing at an average of 12,000 households recently petitioned Dr. Alfred Mutua, Governor of Machakos County to intervene into the issue of undesired approval of high-rise multi dwelling units by the Mavoko Sub County.

In a petition the residents point out that their decision to invest into homes in the estate was influenced with the plan of maintaining the location as single dwelling residential units – standards of which the association has hastened to uphold.

Most of the residents, noted parts of the petition have since put up beautiful expensive homes, mainly maisonnettes on ¼ or 1/8 acres pieces of land. “Investors have also joined in putting up several gated estates in blocks of 5 acres or more. Together with efforts from your good government, we always believed that we can create a Runda or Muthaiga right here in our respected County, and that we do not have to relocate to get the Runda or Muthaiga experience.”

The petition states that the dream is now under serious threat following haphazard approvals of high-rise multi-dwelling unit by some sub county officials in Mavoko.

Petitioning for Dr. Mutua’s intervention follows the Governor’s insights inclined on developing Machakos County as the place to be. Detailing their dissatisfaction the residents through SRA were specific on the following areas:-

  • Approvals of multiple dwelling developments (flats) and commercial buildings within the residential estate in areas not designated for such developments.
  • Approvals of multiple dwelling developments (flats) and commercial buildings within what is publicly known as public land.
  • Blatantly allowing mabati or sub-standard structures to mushroom within the estate with the full knowledge of the sub county team.

The residents noted that actions or deliberate lack of action of officers in charge of planning, approvals and supervision of building code in Syokimau have continued to devalue the stature of Syokimau, a situation that’s bringing reputation damage to the otherwise Governor’s wise and servant leadership that seeks to give Maendeleo Chap Chap and sustainable development to residents.

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