Observations and way forward

Observations and way forward


  • The goons who burned the post were from outside Syokimau. We suspect them to them to be part of a group of boda boda riders that started demonstrations from Athi River Mavoko Law Courts.
  • We stand by our police officers. Investigations must be let to identify the suspects who who might been associated the despicable and the most shocking deaths of the three victims.
  • We remember that a police officer Antony Mwangi lost his life protecting residents.
  • The intended destruction of police post will not divide residents but unite them more.
  • The destruction of the post were intended to cause chaos and subsequent good environment for criminals to operate in Syokimau a steadily developing estate.


  • Residents will cooperate with county and national governments to rebuild and upgrade the police post to a full fledged police station.
  • All efforts to be made to realize official gazzetement of the post by Inspector General so as to receive essential government budgetary support.
  • The state security agencies must apprehend and prosecute the persons who who razed down a section of Syokimau Police Post.
  • I thank all of us who braved the scorching sun and sparing a moment of our Eid Holiday Celebration to condole with the families and friends of lawyer Willie Kimani, Joseph Muiruri and Joseph Mwenda following the shocking revelations of their demise.
  • Allow me to at this juncture, recognize our heroes of the day during the chilly moment of razing our police post. Join me salute Col. Peter Karung’o, Mohammed Ismail, Benjamin Maingi who took a lead to manage the crowd that was openly provoking the police. They joined me in very difficult circumstance to ask the visibly angry policemen to neither shoot nor lob teargas because the situation could have turned to worse considering some of our homes are close to the torched police station.
  • Join me to as well thank and congratulate Richard Motogwa who even before this terrible incidence of setting ablaze a section of our police, persuaded the top brass of our national police to deploy more police officer in Syokimau. Were it not for Richard’s assurance that we would get more police officers in Syokimau, the residents wouldn’t have contributed to build the police housing unit.
  • I am sincerely thankful to the over 200 of us who attended yesterday’s urgent meeting. I equally extend my gratitude to those who sent their apologies as they could genuinely not make it to the meeting.
  • To our yesterday’s Master of Ceremony, Musa Omare – BIG THANKS, to Isabella our WelpliCity Team Leader thanks for quenching our thirst. To the Treasury team thanks for hiring the seats and being proactive to add more when our numbers increased.
  • To Mugambi thanks for rolling out the campaign of #OkoaLipesa of which we encourage all of us to participate. To David Wanjohi thanks for stepping in when the media needed both my deputy and I for live broadcast transmissions. To my deputy I say ahsante – you shot straight to the hip as with yours truly assertion: “Wachome tutajenga.”

To our brothers and sisters in the media Jemima Mungai, Yusuf Ali, Yunia Amunga, Nuhu Bakari, Lucy Kilalo, Eric Ombok thanks for the role you played.

We surely can’t live without a police station.

Once more, shukran:pray:

HO: SRA Chairman
SRA: Achieving More Together.

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