For a better Syokimau

For a better Syokimau

Syokimau, an emerging mid-tier estate situated along Mombasa Road past the airport junction and before Mlolongo Township is on a steady and focused development lane.

In the interest of sustaining communal development within the estate spanning over 3,500 acres in a more focused way, the residents established Syokimau Residents Association (SRA), a registered legal entity to represent their interests as well as those touching its environs.

With the mission to improve the quality of life for the residents, the members have since the recent inception of SRA strove to work with relevant government authorities on various matters of interest for the residents. Members aspire for better by riding on the tag line Achieving More. Together.

SRA Members

The association’s membership comprises resident home owners. The resident homeowners are encouraged to be organised into courts. It is expected that when fully built, the estate will have over 700 courts. Each five acre will have approximately 30 homes per court.

As is evident from the Strategic Plan, the SRA journey to improving the quality of life for residents, has just begun! Along the way, we need to work together with County and National Government institutions and offices to facilitate the desired development in our estate, as most of our desired development is the responsibility for government.

SRA comes in to provide on ground support and ownership to the agreed upon activities while also helping in shaping policy that affects the estate of Syokimau.

So far we have received very positive support from the County Government following recent meetings at Machakos and Mavoko. The County Security team led by the County Commissioner has also been very responsive. The Political Leadership too led by our Member of Parliament Hon. Patrick Makau and Member of the County Assembly Hon. Rachel Nduku have come in whenever we needed.

Going forward we shall enhance our collaboration with all relevant stakeholders as we undertake those other activities that we champion as SRA in order to live up to the billing of Achieving More. Together.

I wish to thank my very able SRA Executive Committee and all the SRA Committees for showing selfless and servant leadership in leading SRA and working for the residents. I also thank all the Court Leaders who I interact with every day at the now very vibrant Telegram Forum. Your ideas of how to make Syokimau a great place to live in amaze me. Let’s keep the spirit! I am aware that you work not for money but for the bigger dream of making Syokimau the model estate in Machakos County and beyond. The entire Syokimau appreciates your sacrifice and leadership.

I also thank every resident for the part they are playing in making Syokimau the Runda of Machakos County – indeed, the place to be! As the old adage goes, you can choose your friends but not your neighbours. We are bound by destiny! Let us work together to build a Great Syokimau for ourselves and our children and future generations.


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