Hot on our communal list of activities was our preparedness of the predicted El Nino Rains. Since commissioned by the chair to oversee ground works on the lead-up to the anticipated El Nino Rains, both Major Muange and John Mutinda have continued to supervise the process of actualizing the riverbed. However as neighbours numerous challenges are still with us. The court order to dig a 10 meter wide gulley by 360 Apartment is yet to be adhered to. We have a reason to get concerned over what will happen in this location once the heavy rains start pounding.

It is encouraging some neighbours, from different zones in Syokimau identified by our popular roads found it necessary to race against the pregnant El Nino. What was their practical solution? Talk less but through Tujuane Tushirikiane spirit fix the worst stretches of link/feeder roads to avoid cries of “Woi sirkal saidai” when the worst hits the surface. Among the most organized in the past week were the Parliament Road residents who fundraised over Ksh 170,000 to fix Kalembe/Settlers Road. The generosity hasn’t ceased and works are lined to proceed this week. We laud Hon Kalembe who donated a back haul tractor.

Machakos County on the other hand delivered two back hoe tractors to facilitate digging of trench along the waterways. Although graders are yet to arrive to enhance the paving of our worrisome murram roads, John Thiong’o (JT) – our SRA chairman was over the week in contact with Machakos administration to avail graders, despite the frustrations.

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