Citation for SRA Community Service Hero of the Year Award

Citation for SRA Community Service Hero of the Year Award

This award shall be given to a registered member of SRA and whose monthly contributions are up to date.

The individual should have proposed an idea or innovation which has been adopted and implemented by residents of Syokimau.

There should be proof that the idea or innovation has improved the well-being of Syokimau residents.

Community Mobilization
The nominee should have been involved in at least one instance of major community mobilization to achieve a set goal in the past year.
(S) he should have been involved in creating at least one collaborative effort between SRA and other organizations or non-resident individuals.

The collaborative effort should have been implemented successfully or on-going according to the agreed execution plan.

Active Participant

The nominee should be an individual who regularly attends and actively participates in SRA community events.

Optimism and Hope

(S) he should be an individual who instills hope and optimism in the community, does not espouse negative or divisive sentiments but rather through his/her actions promotes cohesion and unity of purpose.


Each road and each sub-committee should provide brief notes against each criteria and names of three nominees for each road and three nominees for each sub-committee respectively by March 31, 2016.

SRA Plenary shall then cast votes to determine The SRA Community Service Champion of the year from a short list comprising the winning nominee from each road and winning nominee from each sub-committee.

The nominations panel also welcomes nominations for a public servant or public organization under the category of SRA Chairman’s Award.

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