About SRA

About SRA

Syokimau estate has about 10,000 residents organized in more than 500 courts spread across approximately 3,500 acres. The estate is served by six major roads, namely; Airport Road, Mwananchi Road, Kiungani Road, Community Road, Katani Road and Parliament Road.

  1. Syokimau Residents Association, SRA provides a forum to know and interact with neighbours beyond your courts.
  2. The Association provides a forum to jointly address challenges which are common across the entire estate.
  3. It is also a platform to air oour views and exchange ideas with a wide variety of people with common interests.
  4. Through SRA members have an opportunity to give back to society through involvement in community initiatives such as tree planting.
  5. It is also an opportunity to influence policies and development of the estate at all levels of government.
  6. In the event of personal misfortunes, SRA endeavours as much as possible to provide moral and other forms of support.
  7. Membership of SRA makes one a pioneer in the first estate-wide organization aimed at championing interests of all residents.
  8. SRA strives to provide opportunities for residents to promote their businesses through events such as exhibitions targeting the whole estate.
  9. The Association is also actively involved in promoting social activities such as marathons, other sporting and cultural activities.
  10. The SRA office, online mailing lists and social media channels provides all members will real time information of all matters of common interest.

Operations of the association are run by an executive committee who are part time volunteers from amongst the residents. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of every court represent residents at the quarterly SRA meetings and are organized into sub-committees namely; Welfare & Publicity-headed by Humphrey Odhiambo, Environment-headed by James Njoroge, Infrastructure & Transport-headed by Jacob Kwatembah, Water & Sanitation-headed by Alex Kioko, Land & Public Facilities-headed by Mohamed Abdi, Physical Planning led by Aggrey Burt, Legal Affairs led by Isaac Omeke, Investment headed by David Wanjohi and last but not least, Security-headed by Rtd Colonel Karungo Njoroge.

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