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Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) represents the interest of residents of Syokimau Estate. SRA is a registered legal entity under the Laws of Kenya, as a company limited by Guarantee.
To make Syokimau Estate a first class estate where residents enjoy high quality standards of life through provision of necessary community facilities.
SRA works to benefit the residents of Syokimau within Mavoko Municipality by associating them together, and also with the central government, the local authorities, voluntary and other organizations to improve the quality of life in Syokimau and to engender a sense of community through the provision of community activities and facilities.

At the moment SRA is lobbying for the provision of much needed facilities in Syokimau; including:

  • Designing and the tarmacking of all Syokimau roads.
  • Provision of fresh water from Mavwasco
  • Development of sewer system to service the estate
  • Provision of reliable security for the estate through construction of a police post within the estate and frequent police patrols in addition to enhancement of own security arrangements within the courts.
  • Enforcement of the single residential dwelling building code by Mavoko Subcounty. We are against any unprocedural  change of user from single dwelling family units  to multiple residential units (flats) and unregulated commercials.
  • Provision of facilities for an environmental friendly estate – garbage collection points etc
  • Organised transport system within the estate