Chairman’s Report 2019


  • Members of the Syokimau Residents Association;
  • Excom Members Present,
  • Residents and my fellow neigbours
  • Distinguished ladies and gentlemen;
  • Good Afternoon!

I am delighted to welcome you all to the 4th annual general meeting here at Notre dame School. It is with deep humility and indeed great honor to stand before you today as your chairman. Your continued trust, encouragement and support has given me the energy, confidence and motivation to continue serving this beautiful association. I cannot believe how fast this one year went but here we are, and we thank God for everything. May I say we have had great Team Leaders who have continued to serve tirelessly and passionately sacrificing their personal time to always attend to issues affecting our neighbourhood. Thank you so much team and God bless you for your service.

Fellow neigbours,

There are many reasons for setting up a Residents’ Association but perhaps the best of them all is that it provides you with the opportunity to influence decisions about the management and maintenance of your neighbourhood.

In 2010, a group of neigbours living in Syokimau pursuing a similar goal, of ensuring access to basic services set up what is today a brand name in Syokimau estate, the Syokimau Residents Association (SRA). This has since become the channel for lobbying, advocacy and making demands from both the National and County governments to deliver services corresponding to the revenue that residents pay.

The County government of Machakos recognizes our existence and has since nominated members of Syokimau to serve in various boards.

Mavoko Municipal board: We have 4 residents of Syokimau serving in tis board, and yours truly is also a member as the representative for resident associations.

Mavowasco Board: Mr. James Gitonga, a residents in Syokimau also was nominated to serve tis board.

Now we have had many queries of how SRA was registered. SRA is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. In my layman language as I am not a lawyer this means it does not have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors/directors.

Therefore as we took over office in 2018, we realized that SRA had not filed returns for the last 7 years (2010-2017). In May 2018 we filed our returns with the registrar and we also ensured the directors reflect the current elected officials as well as submission of the updated articles of association.

Ladies and gentlemen

As you are aware our Vision to preserve and enhance Syokimau as the preferred model estate in Kenya, we aspire to make this Vision valid through strategies in ten primary pillars of our strategic plan. These are the committees that SRA uses to discharge her work and they are the areas that my report will highlight allow me to mention them as follows:

  1. Membership and Mobilization-Encourage active involvement of our members. No representation
  2. Security -Managing security as our top priority. Col. Karungo
  3. Infrastructure- Effective management of the physical planning and facilities. Eng. Nzola
  4. Water and Sanitation- Safe Water and provision of sanitation for everyone. No representation
  5. Residents Welfare and Publicity – Increase visibility of SRA and enhance welfare of the residents. Madam Eunice
  6. Youth – Promote youth agenda. Cyril Wafula
  7. Investment – Explore opportunities to raise funds for SRA. No representation
  8. Environment -Promoting a safe environment. John Mutinda
  9. Legal Matters Enforcement of the SRA Policies and Regulations.- Edwin Chege
  10. Land Matters– Patrick Mutuli deputized by Chris Kinyanjui
  11. Treasury-Effective management of financial resources. Lincoln Kyalo deputized by Zeituni Abdinoor


Membership department; No representation

From the treasurer’s report for the period under review, the income generated from Membership was Kshs 999,570 recording a revenue shrinkage of Kshs 921, 490 and depicting a 48 percent decline for the 2018 financial year.

However we notice the drop was mainly as a result of default by members on the monthly subscriptions. This led us to clean up the fully paid group leaving only those within 9 months of default.

Another significant thing that happened is we recognized our senior citizens and decreased their monthly subscriptions from 450/- to 250/-

We managed to put cost control measures as soon as we realized that we were doing poorly in revenue collection.

However we continued to ensure key services like security and environment were fully supported from the meagre resources. One of the Key contributors to our income has been the EXPO. It is now two years running that we have been unable to hold the EXPO. To this end join me in applauding the associations various team leaders for having presented a sterling performance for 2018. A significant part of this success is attributed to the hard-work, sacrifice and team work embraced by all members.

Fellow Neigbours,

SRA Safety and Security department under the leadership of retired Colonel Karungo. This committee is made up of road representatives from each of our six roads.

Security is one of the core functions of SRA leadership and cuts a across all other functions. The SRA security team mandate is to advice the residents on security matters and through collaborations with our security agents, county security team and interested parties to minimize insecurity issues.

SRA Security team has held several security meetings with county commissioner, Sub-County Police Commanders (OCPD) and Ward Commanders (OCS). Through these collaborations our security organs are able to help in preventing insecurity issues and where possible take necessary action to avoid recurrence as well as prevention of future crimes.

Mainly the team monitors and reports all insecurity issues in the estate. Ideally security requires concerted efforts from all residents but our team always find obstacles while trying to perform this voluntary work.

In Syokimau security is a big challenge but we endeavor to do our best. Way back in 2015 high insecurity was very rampant (high crime rate, home breakages, rape and murder were witnessed in Syokimau). Gunshots were a daily night song and sleep was a rare thing for residents. SRA cried for help from the office of the president. A Team of AP Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) and there after we were allowed to have an AP Post on condition that, we accommodate the police officers. The residents through SRA did a quick fundraiser on our social media platforms and we realized about Kshs.2 million and put up 10 rooms for accommodation and an ablution block with power and water services. The Post is not GAZETTED.

Today insecurity has drastically reduced more so with the support of Mlolongo Police station/ DCI office.

Finally we have good news, Syokimau will have a police station immediately the land issue is finalized. SRA is working on this and we believe this will happen in the next few months.

Fellow residents,

SRA Infrastructure Committee led by Eng. Eric Nzola working closely with Environment Committee led by J. Mutinda

Development of buildings and approvals:

  1. We have continued to work closely with the sub-county planner, administrator and the engineers regarding change of user. We have continued to object developments likely to change the character of our neighborhood and as well as those with negative impacts to our environment. The Sub-county team have approved some projects against the SRA zoning map which we hold dear.

The battle still continues, we continue to Lobby to have an approved Syokimau estate zoning plan to guide investors build structures that add value to the estate. We still have our legal team handling the matter in court since 2017.

Collaboration with state agencies

SRA continues to lobby National Construction Authority (NCA), and National Environment Management Authority of Kenya (NEMA) to help ensure buildings are compliant with approvals.

Though NCA is still working on laws to prosecute developers, we have worked closely with our environment team and involved NEMA and NET to ensure developers comply with the regulations. We have also taken some non-compliant developers to ELC court and projects stopped by involving the affected neighbours and SRA teams.  We fully rely on the immediate affected neigbours to raise the flag and notify SRA.

Our Environment team Leader as taken the lead on this one and we have several cases in court.

Let us continue to ensure we build on our tree cover at court level. Let us also take good care of our environment by disposing our garbage responsibly.

  1. We have had several meetings and submitted our input to the World Bank funded. DAR consultants who are planning JKIA, Syokimau, SGR, ICD industrial area for the next phase.
  2. Signage cautioning developers. We came up with a signage informing developers Syokimau is a single dwelling zone however funding the signage fabrication and fixing is pending. And we recommend each road forum to sponsor.


We have 7 roads in Syokimau: Airport, Mwananchi, Kiungani, Community, Katani, Parliament and Kwari road.

We also have 5 link roads: Notre dame, Mama round, Chadi road, Gikawa and St. Timothy.

We also have the Marafiki link road near the Syokimau dam.

As we came into office our roads were completely dilapidated. We therefore decided to lobby the county government to give us the equipment to maintain our roads. This was met with a lot of criticism by residents who felt they should not pay for the fuel and murrum and to let the county to do wat is expected of them.

Notwithstanding, we managed to encourage each road forum through their road representatives to raise funds for murrum to ensure the road sections are motorable.

Parliament road takes the lead on this initiative as we managed to finally open up the Gikawa link road (gables park estate along DCA fence to parliament rd). We are now focusing to open community road/Katani road link at 360 estate.

 KeRRa: We also had KeRRa maintain Mwananchi road and Parliament road. Incidentally these works were done without consultation with the residents.

Community road: Residents on this road will soon be smiling. It is now confirmed that KeRRA will be tarmacking 8kms from Meds to Jamatope corner and mama round link road. The work is scheduled to begin anytime soon and we are engaging to ensure diversion routes, and other EIA impacts identified by KURA consultants on Syokimau roads are well addressed.

  1. We have been following with KURA for maintenance of phase 1 Katani rd and some repairs are ongoing and that phase 2 was not completed satisfactorily. We also expect they will take up another road after completion of kware road which is now the official trucks route.

Trucks from Katani quarries:

We had tough battle with truck drivers choosing to use our estate road as kware road was under construction and diversion route approved by KURA, county, national govt was tuffoam route to athi river interchange, much longer for the trucks who ended giving us sleepless nights, traffic jam and we stood up to restore the truck barriers successfully by help of county, national government. I truly commend the unity by residents of Katani road that saw us install back the barrier.

Foot bridges and road side vendors on Mombasa rd.

We have engaged KeHNA on the foot bridges as we losing pedestrians on weekly basis between gateway and mlolongo. The data was done in 2017. The 3 identified sites for foot bridges were Mlolongo, Gateway and Katani road junction. Construction at Mlolongo as started and we are following for up for updates on wen the next construction will start.

Road side vendors: tis remains political and despite our collaboration with sub county team which has been carrying out demolitions of the kiosks and the vendors returning back.

We shall finally get a solution when we claim the land for construction of Syokimau market as well as the other key amenities.


Youth And Sports department led by Cyril Wafula had the following key activities;

  1. Syokimau youths outreach tournament. That was held on 18th August 2018 at Mt Sinai. We had over 300 participants from ae 3yers to over 18years. We also ad Wazee teams compete in a football match

The theme for the event was Madawa Sio Mabawa. It promoted unity and kept our youths away from social media for a day.

  1. We then had the Syokimau charity week. Took place from 14th April to 21st April 2019, distribution of what we collected was done on 22nd April 2019. Beneficiaries were Kicheko, Mangaza rehabilitation center and Sabaki children’s home.

The event taught our youths about caring for others and kindness.

Ladies and gentlemen

Welfare & Publicity Team leader -Eunice Musyoki

📌SRA Welfare & Publicity Pillar is tasked to increase its visibility and positively drive SRA agenda across the board and enhance Residents Welfare.

📌Through this pillar, the association has successfully organized Tujuane forums annually. Last year SRA held its 4 Edition @ 67 Hotel and it brought residents and the business community together .Super networking and Pool side dinner it was.

📌2018 Welfare pillar slowly built a documentary that narrates Syokimau History over the years. This will continue as we aim at keeping a good record of our evolution.

📌SRA interest at heart being its resident’s welfare, SRA negotiated and facilitated for its residents a last Rest policy which every member enjoys 100,000/- .upon demise of any member or their family members. SRA negotiated for its residents a very affordable yearly premium for the entire family for a small fee of kes 2000/- for year 2017 – 2018 -2019 through APA Last Respect   Policy. Many members have benefited from this policy.

📌Over years SRA has published The Residents Newsletter through this pillar which has increased SRA Publicity and Networking.

Distinguished neigbours,

Land and Leal department: Led by Wakili Patrick and Wakili Edwin

At the beginning of this year we managed to resolve albeit half-way the long outstanding public land issues. We are happy to report that the National land commission revoked all the title deeds for all the identified public land. This included the following

💎Plot 12715/ 189 Nursery School Kiungani road

💎Plot 12715/ 207 Primary School Kiungani road

💎Plot 12715/255 &256 Secondary School Community road

💎Plot 12715/414 Community Borehole near Quarry road

💎 Plot 12715/ 409 Silanga Dam

💎Plot 12715/ /447 Community borehole on Beijing road.

💎Plot 12715/ 700 Community borehole and voting center on Katani road

💎 Plot on Mwananchi Road, currently housing police post, health centre and chief camp

Plot 267 Commercial plot (32 Acres) along Katani/ Community road. NLC requested SRA to identify our needs. NLC proceeded to provide the following facilities in the newly drawn map of tis plot

Police Station,

  1. Central Government Administration offices
  2. Deputy County Commissioner ACC, Chief
  3. County administration offices
  4. Hospital
  5. Public Market
  6. Syokimau Public Bus park
  7. Recreation center
  8. Multipurpose Hall

However we are all aware that NLC is awaiting appointment of new commissioners. This means until they come on board the decision by NLC cannot be gazetted.

It is for this reason SRA decided to place a caveat on the all the above mentioned parcels of land as we await the official gazetting of this land.

We had a fairly big representation during the NLC hearings. I take this opportunity to thank our learned brothers led by Wakili Patrick Mutuli who is also the SRA Secretary and Wakili Chris Kinyanjui. I also wish to sincerely thank residents who joined us during the hearings. SRA will not rest till every public land is recovered. We did start a funds drive in preparation of any legal tussle that may arise from this activity. Tis fund is safe and we may need to increase the same should the needs arise.


Ladies and gentlemen,

 Water and Sanitation department had no representation.

However perhaps to update us on the Belgium project; I am informed that the works are almost complete and we sold have water very soon.

I am also informed the sewer line will soon come but this is not yet official I have yet to verify the same.

Investment Team: As earlier informed we did not have representation in tis docket for the last year. However, this year we have engaged a marketer and we hope to recruit some interns to help with the expo. This is already work in progress and it shall be announced in the next coming week.

 Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen

Looking back, it is clear that trust and confidence in SRA  reached a low ebb around the end of 2016.  And as the new office bearers took over in 2017 it was very obvious that we now had a divided SRA. The political climate at the time made things worse, for the first time we allowed Political affiliations to completely divide US. While some of the criticism was exaggerated, but a good part of it was justified.  It was therefore both essential and urgent to get this association back on a better course.

Inevitably the journey to restoration and recovery takes time, but on my part it was clear to me from the outset that at the heart of SRA there is a great future and driven by you great people SRA will recover. I have no doubt that SRA is now positioned to succeed over the long term. As neigbours we have reconciled and I can see the UNITY of purpose once again thriving.

And a residence that is much more resilient to empty promises by our politicians driven by their own selfish needs. We must remain United if we are to have leverage over our enemies. We need each one to volunteer their service to make our SRA more robust in strategy that will enable us achieve our objectives.

Trust, transparency and accountability is fundamental in any organization world over. This is why we have this year invited all residents to join us in this meeting. We want to give you all the opportunity to be a part of shaping Syokimau.

Finally Fellow neigbours,

I greatly appreciate the support from all members, stakeholders and the SRA office Manager Michael Wachira. I wish you all success in the activities planned for this year. Thank you for your attendance and your attention.

God bless you.

Mrs. Juliet Karung’o,