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Our Legacy for the future Generations

Restoring Our Values

SRA Family Sports Day 24th August 2019




SRA Youth Sports Day 24th August 2019




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   Who we are

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SRA, Registered under  the Laws of Kenya is a residential membership driven association focused on sustaining orderly development,inform,educate and promote awareness among the residents on matters public service delivery.

On the right our Hon. Chair Madam Juliet Karung’o Flanked by H.E The Deputy Governor Machakos County Hon.  Eng. Francis Maliti Launching the Syokimau Trade Expo 2019 and Syokimau Youth Outreach Tournament .This was during our 2018 Tujuane Dinner Season 4.

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SRA Members Benefits

Upholding Property Values

Syokimau Estate is a controlled development estate. The minimum subdivision allowed is one single dwelling family unit in an eighth of an acre. SRA has fought hard to maintain this standard against rogue developers whose plan is to densify the estate with multiple dwellings and undesirable commercial developments . We have engaged the County Assembly of Machakos where our zoning plan was passed in 2017. 

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Protecting Residents Welfare

Our robust Welfare and publicity committee has taken residents welfare as its core mandate. In this effort SRA have been able to secure very beneficial insurance Policies for our members. One of these member’s insurance policies is the Last Respect insurance Policy provided by APA insurance ltd. We have seen tremendous benefits to our members on this policy among other SRA social Benefits.

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Safeguarding the Environment 

One of our priorities is our environment. With commercial interests increasing day after day, SRA has had to go to court in numerous occasions to fight rogue developers. We have been able to stop or repulse many environmentaly harmful developments .Our  Environment committee Leader has worked tirelessly to engage NEMA / the Environment Tribunal who have been our very helpful partners in securing our environment.

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Lobbying Government Departments for Services Delivery

Over the years SRA has been a community voice on behalf of its members . With the onset of Devolution, Public participation has become central to Government services delivery . Syokimau Estate is well represented by SRA on this front . We have worked with the Central Government as well as County government departments with notable success.

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Inform and Educate

SRA acquaints its membership and the general public residing in Syokimau with aspects of development that they may not be aware of. Through our Welfare and Publicity committee, SRA runs a robust social media that has helped a great deal in keeping the membership well informed . SRA has embraced technology to its fullest. Our elections are also conducted online and a member can vote from any corner of the globe.

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Our Zoning Plan only allows Single Dwelling Family Units (Massionattes or Bungalows) on a minimum of 1/8th acre Plot. unless an elaborate E.I.A has been conducted involving the affected neighbours 



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